Vatican City Rome
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About (tS) tiltShifted

This is, an online showcase for Tilt Shift photographers to show you the best Tilt Shift images made.

Here you can find real Tilt Shift photographs taken by the best Tilt Shift photographers in the world. True professionals that took the time to work with the complex Tilt Shift objectives. But you can also find faked Tilt Shift photographs. You can use all kinds of software and online services to fake images to get the Tilt Shift effect. And you can also find Tilt Shift video's. Shot by video camera and editted with the Tilt Shift effect or shot with one of the Tilt Shift objectives on a camera.

This website is an initiative from André Kreft and he is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

World Map

Locate our showcase images on a world map and check out it's exact capture location. Our goal is to create a Tilt Shifted world map. If you want to help us to help achieve this goal, then submit your work here.